Top 10 Safari Destination to Africa

Holidays are time that you get to spend with your family and friends. A lot of people plan to go out and explore the world. Today I will talk about the African countries which are famous for their wildlife and pleasure safari tours. A large part of the African countries are covered in forest. They have a variety of wildlife and plants. It is an excellent destination for family trip. I have a list of top 10 destinations in Africa for wildlife safari. So without any further delay let’s check the list below.


The main attraction of this country is the scenic beauty and Etosha National Park. You can have the traditional safari in the park. You will love the beauty of red sand dunes at Sossusvlei. The Namib Desert of the country spread till the Atlantic Ocean. Its coastline is known as the Skeleton Coast.


The mind blowing landscape of the country combined with the traditional safari is a great plan for a short break. The tour package comes in all budgets so you can plan accordingly.


The country has a wide variety of things to do. You can enjoy the landscape; you can mix with the culture, jungle safari and a lot of other things to do. People believe that African safaris became popular due to Kenya only.


Cultural experience, night drives, horse riding, trekking, you name it and Kenya has it all. The administration of the camp is well managed so that people get a crowd free experience. The main wild life park in it is the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve.


Botswana is the best place to enjoy a quiet safari without any crowd. It houses only 2 -3 camps with a very large area. People can enjoy beautiful night walks and off road drives here. There are luxury arrangements also. The privacy and luxurious safari makes the tour very expensive.



This is a very small country and it is famous for its Gorilla Trekking. The focus is more on the Gorillas and on the Genocide history. It is good for short time visit of 2 – 3 nights. You can co0mbine the tour with traditional safari of Kenya or Tanzania.



Unganda is another good spot for Gorilla trekking. The lodging and other expenses are cheaper as compared to Rawanda. However, the logistics are very expensive which balances the scale. The country is backwards in term of roads which makes the travelling cost high.



The country is famous for its expert guides and Victoria Falls. The Mana Pools National Park is ideal for tracking animals on foot. The guides are very skilled. So if you are adventure hungry person you should definitely try wildlife viewing by foot in Zimbabwe.



The country gives the raw wildlife experience to the tourists. If you want to enjoy the nature and not concerned with the luxury then this will be perfect for you. The beautiful landscape and rich culture makes the experience memorable.


The walking safari originated in the parks of this country. It shares the Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe. The guide skills are equally matched here. Therefore when Zimbabwe tourism took a hit, this became a very popular spot for the tourists.


Tanzania has many national parks in it. You can see many types of animal in this country. Many types of animal migrate to this area throughout the year. You can have the classic safari experience in Tanzania. Moreover the lodging, camping and guide facility are very good there. Due to this and many other reasons it is called the ultimate safari destination.



This is not famous for its wildlife because of the civil war that happened a long time ago. However, it has a massive coastline. The beaches and turquoise blue water attracts the tourists who come to Africa. So you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and also try scuba diving here.


South Africa:

South Africa has very diverse landscape. There are cities, mountains, jungles, and beaches also. So you can enjoy both luxury and wildlife under the same roof. The cities and lifestyle here can be compared with USA or European countries. So if you are looking for great holidays and budget is not the concern South Africa is for you. In term of wildlife safari you will get the best facilities possible like wifi camps.

south africa

So we have listed the best tourist places in Africa which is ideal for having a close look at the wildlife. The walking safari is a specialty in African countries. It is much more adventures than sitting in car and watching from a distance.

You can actually touch the animals play with them and much more. The expert guidance of the guides ensures no harm comes to the tourist. So if you are planning for trip like this do not worry about coming back alive.